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9/11 – Ten Year Anniversary

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

I was in NY for the 9/11 anniversary, but had planned to ignore the memorial activities.

At risk of offending  colleagues/friends/Americans, I feel the coverage is disproportionate to the coverage and sympathy that is given to the thousands of people that have died across the world in the last ten years from any number of wars or tragedies.

However, as I walked back to my apartment the night before, I was struck in awe by the two beams of light that shone into the sky fro ground zero. With a low cloud it almost looked like Independence day .

Then on the morning, against my plans, I decided to walk down to the Ground Zero.

When I arrived, family members were reading out the all the names of those who had been killed – which was enough to make me well up. Having solumly wandered around I returned to my apartment and saw that there was a gathering being held in the road outside the police station under my apartment.

I respectfully joined the gathering at the back and listened speeches by the wives, colleagues and children of the fireman who had died. This was incredibly moving and I felt privileged to be sharing such an intimate moment with them.

9/11 Lights

9/11 Lights



Sunday, September 4th, 2011

When I came to America last year i was overwhelmed by the amount of choice everywhere. Grocery stores stocked with so much food – it was a complete reverse culture shock coming from India.

I also notice how many homeless people are in NY – I think I see more here than in India. This might be because I am walking the streets rather than being driven around by my Driver (How bad does that sound!)

I always thought India had a massive difference between rich and poor but think it could be just as big here.

Today I read America has 46 million people living under the poverty line ($11,000 for an individual, $22,000 for a family).

That’s jaw dropping.