Uncle Sam

So after 6 weeks of searching i finally struck gold.

I went to an Indian restaurant in midtown for dinner last night, and as the waiter I approached I analyzed his appearance – dark skin, belt wrapped round one and a half times – so far so good.

Having been burnt many times before, I asked him if he was from India or Bangladesh.

“India Sir”

Game on.

“Where abouts?” I innocently inquired.


He then got 3 months pent up Tamil all at once, complete with head wobbles.

“Thank you, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,eight, nine, ten, my name is nick, masala dosa, welcome”

His puzzled look turned to a smile and he introduced himself, ” My name is Saravanan – call me Sam”. No Sam, call you Saravanan.

Anyway, made me realise how much I miss India – I’m gonna eat there everyday till I leave.

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