You know you are in Chennai when . .

(Edited from a facebook group)

1. You’re almost run over by an auto, who then stops and asks if you want a ride.

2. You end up having dialogues with mosquitos.

3. Internationally acclaimed artists perform everywhere else except where you are.

4. You need Set Top Box to watch pay channels.

5. It takes you 20 minutes to cover 3/4th the distance to a place, and then 40 more to cover the last 1/4th cuz you’re stuck in traffic

6. The temperature is around 30 degrees C in “Winter”

7. Straight men walk around on the roads holding hands with each other.

8. People on cell phones yell so loud that it makes you wonder whether they need a phone or not!

9. Auto drivers REFUSE to use the meter. Ever.

10. There are pictures of prominent politicians in sunglasses everywhere.

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