I don’t like cricket

I decided to buy and England cricket top and an India cricket top and take them to the tailors so I could have a half / half version to wear at the Test Match.

Sasi took me to the mall, but the versions he showed me were horrible cheap rip offs, but fortunately soon enough we came across a Nike shop, where I found a reassuringly expensive version. Problem was, the cost of two tops would be an astronomical figure for my driver, so I made my excuses about it being too expensive and left.

As yet I have had no real haggling in India – last time I always haggled every price, even if if was for a few pence.

The realisation that I had lost my touch struck me when I walked away from the shop with the two rip-off polyester versions that i had somehow managed to haggle up!

And when the top came back from the tailors it looked great, but was clearly for an 8 year old.

So I haggled up, for a two tops that were too small for me.


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