A little less conversation . .

I think my English is getting worse, an hour and a half everyday with my driver has reduced my vocabulary to monosyllabic words. I find myself mimicking how he speaks to aid the flow of our chats.

Surely its supposed to be the other way round?

When he doesn’t understand he smiles, laughs, nods his head and repeats one of the words I have said, a habit which I have now picked up when I cant understand him!

Cycling on the way back from the gym I was greeted with the usual “Good Morning, how are you?” from utter strangers, beaming away at me. As I overtook two school children on their bikes they struck up a conversation with me.

“What is your name?”

“Where are your from?”

“What is your salary?”

“Is there no work in England?”

“Are you married?”

and so on.


It was the best conversation I’ve had in a while.

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