The writings on the wall…

I make no secret of liking writing on walls and wherever you go in Chennai you will see “P James Magic Show and Balloon Event 9841072571” He has blitzed the city.

There are a number of things which amuse me about this.

  1. I didn’t realise that Chennai had much of a Magic Show scene (dont worry Bergy I’m sure your magic show was much better)
  2. I didn’t realise that Chennai had an underground magic show scene,
  3. The graffiti is carefully numbered so if ever the police were to catch him they would know exactly how many counts to charge him with.
  4. He’s left his name and mobile number so the police should be able to catch him pretty easily.

Where are you Mr Potato Man when Chennai really needs you!?

Number 319 . .

Number 319 . .

I’ve just realised this is a different phone number – so maybe P James has competition – or one phone simply wasn’t enough for all the calls he was receiving !!

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