Differences Between India and Japan

In India… It is acceptable to go for a piss in the street

In Japan… Facemasks are work in public to not (i) catch a cold (ii) spread a cold (iii) trigger an allergy from pollen


In India… Breakfast costs 50p

In Japan… Breakfast cost £25


In India… The streets are covered in litter and street stalls sell food.

In Japan… The streets are litter free, its frowned upon to eat in public. You shouldn’t smoke whilst walking, only in designated areas.


In India… The public transport is overcrowded and hot.

In Japan… The public transport is immaculate and spacious


In India… Traffic clogs the streets, drivers continuously beep their horns

In Japan… Streets are empty and silent.


In India… Everyone stares at me when i walk down the street

In Japan… Everyone keeps themselves to themselves – to the point that people put plain covers on their books so you cant see what they are reading


In India… People wipe their arse with their left hand

In Japan… You sit on a heated toilet seat and a warm jet of water is sprayed to clean you, followed by a jet of hot air to blow the parts that other beers cannot reach.

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