Formally known as Pondicherry, this ex-French town 200km South of Chennai is in fact its own state. As such, it has its own – more relaxed – alcohol laws.

Initially we had planned to get a AC bus to Ponducherry, but my driver insisted he drove us down. We grabbed some fast food on the way down, titled our chairs back and watched DVD’s for the entire journey – well, when in Rome.

The town is split into quarters, the most interesting being the French, where as well as colonial architecture you have policeman with red ‘kepis’, street names such as ‘Rue de la Marine’ and pain au chocolat served from cafes.

And the only pictures I have from this charming Gaelic enclave don’t capture any of that at all. . .

Lifes a beach

Life's a beach


3 amigos

3 amigos

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