Law and Order?

The story which has dominated the news this week has been the rioting between lawyers and police at Madras High Court.

To summarise what happened:

  1. Leader of the political Janata party insulted a Lawyer on ‘caste lines’.
  2. Colleagues demand his arrest, which erupts into violence.
  3. Police and Lawyers start throwing stones and bottles at each other
  4. Police fire tear gas and baton charge the lawyers
  5. Police smash up Lawyers cars and Motorbikes
  6. Lawyers set fire to a police station and  State buses
  7. Elite Commandos called to the scene
  8. 122 Policemen injured, 150 lawyers charged with attempted murder.

Great to know the the purveyors of Law and Order have such a blatent disregard for the rue of law.


I predict a riot . .

I predict a riot . .

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